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A Blog Is (Re)Born!

What would your life look like if you weren’t scared? Scared of judgement, scared of falling short, scared of hard work, or scared of maybe actually getting everything you ever wanted?

I’ve wanted to relaunch and begin blogging again for a long time now. I was going to start when Matt got back from deployment in February. I was going to tie it in to my 30th birthday in April. I was going to throw myself into the blog and connect with others after my mom died in June. I was going to use it as a break from a stressful month at work in August. And here I am in the beginning stages of a pandemic and shelter in place orders, thinking about waiting until my birthday again…


What’s wrong with today? What’s wrong with right now?

I’ve watched people grow their passion projects and develop the last year while I’ve been sitting here “getting ready” aka being scared. Being scared that no one would be interested, that I wouldn’t have the technical skills to make everything just the way I wanted, that I wouldn’t be as good as others, scared of what people would think, scared of things that I don’t even know… if there’s been an easy cop out for why someday is better than today, I’ve taken it – time and time again.

So that’s why it feels SO good today to not only commit to myself to do this thing and show up in every way possible, but to post it out there in the universe that I’m back!

Although I still might be scared, at the end of the day – what’s the difference between being scared and being excited?

Instead of being scared I might not know everything now, I’m excited about learning new skills.

I’m no longer going to be scared of starting behind others, I’m now excited to learn from those who have blazed a trail.

I will not be scared that it might not be perfect, I’m excited to grow and watch my development.

Welcome to Chit Chat With Katie. Trust me, this is just the beginning of our journey and it’s going to be a good one.

While you’re here, pop in the comments below and introduce yourself! I’d love to meet you!


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