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Best Stay At Home Game Night Games

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Maybe I’m out here on my own but I love a good game night. Anyone else? There’s just something more fun about actually interacting and hanging out than sitting & watching Netflix in silence. Plus, beating everyone isn’t bad either (not that I’m competitive or anything). lol 

Now that we’re almost two months into quarantine (can you believe it?!), I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite games for a stay at home game night. 


This is an old family game that I played growing up with my grandparents. While Matt was deployed and I went home for Thanksgiving in 2018, we found the marbles board again and the last couple times I was home, I was able to convince my parents to stay up way too late playing marbles with me. When Matt and I went home last March for my dad’s 30th birthday, I was also able to get them to squeeze in some post-party marbles. It was Matt’s first time playing and my mom’s last. Little did I know at the time, how precious those memories would be to me so marbles is always one of my go to games. It’s simple enough to understand and can be played with teams. The game is really mostly luck or chance with a little strategy mixed in so towards the end of the game, it can get really really competitive! 

As I was doing some research, I guess the real name for the non homemade version of “Marbles” is Aggravation. If you’re looking for a fun game that doesn’t include any cards, Aggravation can be played with six players and comes with the Katie seal of approval making it perfect for a stay at home game night. There’s a wooden board option, similar to my marbles board, available for $68 or there’s a Hasbro version for $19.95 on Amazon.


This might be a tie with Marbles for my favorite game! I had never played Scattergories until I visited Matt’s parents and now I’m hooked. His parents have a version with a timer and you can hear it get quicker and quicker which means you’re getting close to running out of time. It definitely makes it a bit more dramatic than ours that came with a sand counter. You roll a dice that shows a letter and then you have a bunch of categories that you have to fill out with a word that begins with that letter. For example, if you rolled a S and the category was candy you’d write Skittles, for animals you could write snake, for cities you could Sarasota. The categories are all over the place and sometimes it’s SO hard to think of a word. If you write down the same word that another player does, they cancel out and you don’t get any points so creativity is a good thing! You have to be careful though, too creative of an answer and the group can vote to not award you the point. 

Family Feud 

I’m a big Family Feud fan. Come to think of it, I may be an 85 year old woman living in the body of a 31 year old. FYI – I also love Supermarket Sweep and have a whole strategy guaranteed to make me win that I’ve never seen anyone else do. But back to Family Feud now. When I was home for the holidays and there was nothing to watch on TV, I would turn on Family Feud and yell at the TV while my mom was trying to nap – fun times. 

This game is made for 3+ players and would be fun with a few couples as teams. One person has to give up their spot to be Steve Harvey and run the game and you’ll need to be able to review the game rules prior to playing. It was fun enough but we were having a wine night when we played and kept having to go back to the rules so I’d recommend either starting your night with this game or picking someone really on top of it to be the game host (no offense Anna lol).

Do or Drink 

For all my family reading I did not purchase this game. lol Please blame Anna. This game would be fun with a bigger crowd but since we’re in social isolation, we’ll have to wait for a full game night to really see it in action. There are different cards to pull which range from drinking challenges to action dares or vote cards where the group decides who will drink. It was fun enough to play with our small quarantine group but definitely make sure you have plenty of beer and no plans the next day. 

Heads Up 

Also another popular favorite. There’s a board game version and an app option available. With the app, you can purchase additional expansion or topic packs to keep the game interesting and to tailor the words to the group you’re playing with. You put the phone up to your forehead and then your team members try to get you to say the word on your phone without saying it themselves. Example, the word is Britney Spears. Your team could say “Oops I Did It Again” or shaved her head, famous singer, kissed Madonna. You try to work through as many words as you can in the allotted time. 

Spot It

I’m SO glad I decided to write this post because it reminded me of this game that I played with some girlfriends awhile back. It took a little Google searching but I was finally able to find the name of the game based on what I remembered. The goal of the game is to identify what symbol is the same on each card. Hint – there’s only one combination possible on every draw. Once you see it, you call it out, slam your hand down and then you win that hand. You can deal cards in the beginning and try to get rid of all your cards or draw from a deck in the middle of the table and try to be the first to collect a set number of cards. There are a bunch of different ways you can customize and play this game which makes it great for all different sized groups.
*Brb adding to my Amazon cart now. 

I also have a million quick versions of Monopoly (because no one has time to play the original version), Cards Against Humanity, and What Do You Meme but felt like everyone already knows about those. I’ve also heard great things about Exploding Kittens but haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet. Is there a game I left off my list that I just need to have? Let me know below in the comments, I’m always on the lookout to add to my game collection. 

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