At Home Spin Studio

Create Your Own At Home Spin Studio

Okay so if you’re anything like me working out is not in your list of “hobbies” or even up there associated with “things that are enjoyable” but after a few months in quarantine, I realized exactly how sedentary my lifestyle had become. When I was working out of the office, I would walk back and forth to visit my venues each day; I was constantly on the go.[...]

San Diego, CA

My May 2020 Traffic & Income Report

In April I published separate traffic & income reports and that’s my plan moving forward but while I’m getting caught back up with blogging, I’m going to roll my monthly traffic & income templates into one blog post for the months of May & June.


Five Words Every Beginner Blogger Needs To Know

We’re going to start with some basic concepts covering terminology, best practices, and step by step guides to get up and running in no time! The first post in this series covers the first 5 basic blogging terminology or blogging words every beginner blogger needs to know.