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One of the biggest obstacles I’ve come across in my blogging journey so far (and it sounds so simple when you say it out loud buttttt…) is getting high quality photos of myself for the blog! I love to produce content and honestly have a whole list of posts waiting to be published but I’m no professional photographer nor am I made of money to be constantly setting up personal shoots so I was so happy when I recently discovered Shoott

What Is Shoott? 

Shoott is an affordable way to book mini-sessions with photographers in your city at many popular destinations or landmarks. 

Is Shoott Just For Bloggers? 

Not at all! They shoot family photos, pets, maternity, couples, children, professional headshots. You need a photo, they’ve got you covered! Since the holidays are coming up, Shoott would be a great way to get some shots for your Christmas card! *Just add itchy sweater lol 

How Does Shoott Work? 

First you check out their website to find a location and date & time that works for you. In San Diego, Shoott frequently offers sessions at Balboa Park, Old Town, Sunset Cliffs, and La Jolla Cove, and Oceanside Pier. 

You’ll then book your free (yes free, no commitment) 30 minute photo shoot. 

Shoott pairs you with a photographer and sends over all information you need for the day of your shoot, like where to meet, your photographer’s name & contact info, some tips to get the most out of your session, etc. 

Then you show up for your session! My photographer, Jon, made me so comfortable during our session in Balboa Park. We met and I told him a little bit about my vision and then we got to work snapping photos. I wore a tank top under my first shirt and packed a change of clothes so halfway through the shoot, he reminded me it might be a good idea to swap outfits so I quickly changed tops. 

I felt like we got so many shots in the 30 minutes we were together and we also were able to shoot in three different locations. I have to admit it was a little out of my comfort zone to have people watch you frolic through the park getting your photo taken but I made it work. The whole process was quick & efficient. 

A few business days after my session, I received an email with a link to view my full gallery of over forty lightly edited photos. I was able to go through and save my favorite photos & share them in my girls group chat to get opinions, of course. You get seven days to make any decisions about what you’d like to purchase from your gallery. (Or if you’re like me you forget and have to email for an extension but their customer service team was SO great!) You select the photos you want, complete check out, and then your photos are emailed to you. SO easy! 

*I will say I overslept the morning of my shoot and had a crazy day at work so I almost cancelled but I’m glad I decided to still go. Even though my unwashed hair was being a crazy mess, I had a hard time picking my favorite photos and really liked most of the images in my gallery. I ended up purchasing four images from this shoot, knowing I was going to schedule another soon. I can’t wait to actually be prepared and feeling my best for the next shoot. I’m planning on purchasing the entire gallery next time!

Katie finishing her Shoott in Balboa ParkPIN IT

How Much Is Shoot? 

One of my favorite things about Shoott is their pricing is super upfront and affordable. You don’t pay for the session (but do put down a deposit in case of late cancellation or no-show). Their photos are $15 a photo, $120 for any 10 photos from your shoot, or $240 for all of the photos (40+) taken. 

What If I Don’t Love My Photos? 

I’m sure the team at Shoott would work with you if there was a serious issue during your photo session. If you just weren’t feeling the photos or decide to purchase three photos or less, that’s totally fine and doable! The next time you schedule a Shoott, they’ll require a $75 prepayment which will be applied towards your next purchase. This way photographers and the team that keeps Shoott running are all protected and get paid. I think that’s a totally fair deal! Even if you only wanted two headshots for work, $75 is a steal. 

What About Licensing? Do I Own The Photos? 

Yep! You own all the photos you purchase, even for commercial use. 

Do They Retouch The Photos?

All the photos in your gallery are lightly edited. If you want beauty retouching done, they offer the service at $40 per face, per photo. If you’re retouching more than ten photos, the price drops to $20 per face, per photo. Beauty retouching includes skin smoothing, removing wrinkles, sharpening eyes, teeth whitening, and shine removal. 

Wait, Are The Photographers Getting Paid Fairly? 

Shoott reports that their photographers make an average of over $110/hour, with a guaranteed minimum of $100/hour. Photographers are provided constant and pre-scheduled work with no marketing or travel costs and Shoott builds in protection for late cancellations and no-shows. The photographer I spoke to was really happy with working for Shoott and only had good things to say. 

Okay, I’m Ready To Book! 

Shoott offers a referral program so click here to get more information & to book your session. You’ll get 10% off your entire purchase and I’ll get a free photo during my next session! We all win! If you do book a session, please come back and share the photos and all about your experience!



  • Flordeloz Fullo
    September 17, 2020

    Oh! Great Photos! I hope Shoott would be available in other countries too! Very affordable!

    • Katie
      Flordeloz Fullo
      September 17, 2020

      Thanks Flordeloz! It would be awesome if you could use their platform/services to get your photo taken at iconic landmarks across the world!

  • Jennie
    September 17, 2020

    Wow, this sounds absolutely amazing and exactly like what I need! Unfortunately I live in a teenie tiny area, so I’m sure this is not available in my area. But I will definitely keep my eyes out. I need to get photos taken for my blog and business.

    • Katie
      September 17, 2020

      Thanks Jennie! They’re now in 30 US cities so I could see it being a fun vacation activity too (once we start vacationing again).

  • Amber Myers
    September 17, 2020

    You look gorgeous! I need to get some updated photos. It has been a while.

    • Katie
      Amber Myers
      September 17, 2020

      Thank you Amber!

  • Mimi
    September 17, 2020

    That sounds amazing, I’d love to have a photo session too

  • Monica Simpson
    September 18, 2020

    My friend just became an ambassador for Stella and Dot and had a photo shoot with Shooot. Her pictures turned out great! She is using them for her upcoming blog.

    • Katie
      Monica Simpson
      September 18, 2020

      What a great way to use them! So glad she loved her images. I swear if more new bloggers knew, we’d all be scheduling Shoott shoots!

  • Emily
    September 18, 2020

    This sounds like a great option to get connected with a photographer. Sometimes I don’t know where to start.

    • Katie
      September 18, 2020

      It is and it was so easy. They sent a ton of helpful information before regarding posing, props, outfits. I felt so comfortable and got some great shots!

  • Janeane M Davis
    September 19, 2020

    This seems like a really nice service. I would like to use it when I visit different cities.

    • Katie
      Janeane M Davis
      September 19, 2020

      I’m definitely planning on checking them out when I travel now. It’s a great way to make some vacation memories!

  • Surabhi
    September 19, 2020

    Wow such lovely pictures! The last photo shoot I got done was my pre wedding shoot lols. I definitely need done high quality pictures as a blogger. Will check out some photographers in my country.

    • Katie
      September 19, 2020

      Thank you Surabhi! For me, getting photos is the hardest part of blogging!

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