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Fifty “Open When” Deployment Letter Ideas

I consider myself so fortunate that Matt has “regular” access to a computer during this deployment (I know so many couples don’t have this luxury) and I will never take that for granted. It’s been a great way for me to keep him up to date about my work life, fun things I’m doing with my friends, and our dog but I’ve found we both really struggle with typing out deep emotions.

Pushing the buttons on a keyboard is just not nearly the same as taking a pen to paper so I’ve spent some time this weekend writing out my feelings and working on some happy mail to send Matt.

I found “Open When” letters on a few other deployment blogs and instantly feel in love with the idea. They can easily be tailored to fit your relationship and are a great way to continue to support your significant other throughout their deployment even if you have no other forms of timely communication.
You’ll write out your letter and then enclose the directions on the outside – Open When      (fill in the blank)   . You can keep it to just letters or some of the suggestions below have a small enclosure you can add if you’d like.

Here’s a list of fifty different “Open When” Deployment letter ideas to get you started:

Open When…

  1. You’re Really Missing Me – This can be a simple from the hear letter. Let your S.O. know you’re missing them too.
  2. You’re Having a Rough Day
  3. You Need a Kiss – Put on your favorite lipstick and give that stationary a kiss!
  4. You Need a Hug – I’ve seen people trace their wingspan and then fold into the letter to send a hug.
  5. It’s Your Birthday!
  6. It’s _____’s Birthday! – Include a picture of the mentioned person in a party hat!
  7. You Need a Laugh – Don’t forget to include all your favorite jokes!
  8. You Need to Smile
  9. You’re Stressed Out
  10. You Need Strength
  11. You’re Having a Bad Day
  12. You’re Having a Good Day
  13. You Want To Talk To Me – You could include a surprise bonus calling card or I love the idea of including everything your S.O. needs to write you a letter!
  14. You’re A Month In – These can be tailored to different milestones in the deployment
  15. We’re Halfway Through!
  16. You Need Some Encouragement
  17. You’re On Your Way Back Home
  18. It’s Our Anniversary – Include photos from throughout your relationship.
  19. It’s _______ (Insert Holiday) – Christmas – Include an evergreen tree air freshner, NYE – include confetti, New Year’s Day – include your resolutions, Groundhog’s Day – repeat your letter over and over, Sept 19th – Talk Like A Pirate Day – Write your letter in pirate!
  20. You Want To Hold My Hand – You can add a single glove and a hand warmer for a special touch.
  21. You Need a Reminder of How Much I Love You – Check out my Favorite Deployment Quotes here!
  22. You Want To Go On A Date With Me – Describe your first date, your favorite date night spot, or go into detail about a future date you’re planning once your partner comes home.
  23. You’re Tired
  24. You Can’t Sleep – Include a sleepy time tea bag.
  25. You’re Homesick
  26. You’ve Forgotten What I Smell Like – Head over your department store or Sephora for a sample of your favorite perfume to include.
  27. You Were Recognized – Include a #1 pin.
  28. You’re Tired of Deployment
  29. You’re Nervous
  30. You’re Thinking About the Future
  31. You Need To Make a Decision – Include a coin for old fashioned heads or tails.
  32. You Need To Pray
  33. You Feel Alone
  34. You’ve Finished Reading ___________ – Include some discussion questions or your opinions about the book
  35. You Need To Hear A Few Compliments
  36. You Want a Reminder of Why I Love You
  37. You Miss The Dog (or kids… haha) – Perfect opportunity to include some photos!
  38. You Feel Left Out
  39. You Wish We Could Be Dancing – You can add in lyrics from your favorite songs.
  40. You’re Remembering Our First Date
  41. You’re Celebrating – Don’t forget to throw in some confetti!
  42. You Want to Keep Up With The Kardashians – This is a perfect example of tailoring to your relationship. I cried watching Kylie’s baby announcement video, Matt left the room. So obviously to keep it real, I’ve been cutting clippings and will be sure to send them for this fun little letter.
  43. You Want to Learn Something New – Put all those Snapple facts to good use!
  44. You Miss ___ Insert Your City Here – Include pictures from home or even a postcard!
  45. You Need A Gratitude Reminder
  46. You Wonder What You’re Doing
  47. You Wish You Were Having A Beer With The Guys – This is a great time to include some letters from your partner’s friends.
  48. You Need To Get Away – Describe your favorite vacation or detail an imaginary one you want to plan for the future
  49. You Wish We Were Watching TV Together – I included a list of all the shows I’m watching while Matt is gone… should immediately make him change his mind. #thisisus
  50. You Want To Open A Letter – Put your letter inside of an envelope inside of an envelope inside of an envelope…

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