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Traveling for Summer Vacation? Don’t Forget to Pack These!

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Planning a Catalina Island getaway so Matt and I can get away before his deployment, helping my parents & sister plan a trip out to San Diego, and seeing one of my best friends get ready for a long haul overseas trip this week has definitely had me thinking non stop about summer vacations so I wanted to share some of my favorite Amazon travel purchases with you today on the blog.

Stella & Grace Gold Collagen Eye Masks

eye masks for travel

I love that these little under eye masks are individually packaged. Everyone knows that flying is super dehydrating so I always throw a pair (or two!) of these in my bag and just pop them on once we’re at cruising altitude. Not as aggressive as a whole face sheet mask (which I’ve definitely done before) but still just enough extra to annoy Matt so – bonus points in my book.

These babies are all natural, vegan, paraben and cruelty free. They’re full of collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid (super moisturing!), and rose oil. Made from plant-based collagen they wake and brighten while de-puffing. I immediately feel like I’m at the spa even when I’m actually sitting in a dirty airplane seat with a toddler kicking my seat. Now only if I could get airlines to serve cucumber water. #spavibes

I like to leave them on for at least 20 minutes but let’s be real, I normally fall asleep and remove them post nap. When you are ready to remove, they easily peel off and you can just lightly tap or massage the extra serum into your skin for a perfectly hydrated face.

I actually love these so much that I ended up purchasing the Grace & Stella Gold Collagen Face Masks but they’re a bit too much for wearing in public.

TSA Travel Liquid Bag

TSA travel bags

I’ll keep this one quick and say traveling with a Ziplock bag as a part of your ensemble is never chic. Buy the clear bags, keep your liquids organized, and thank me later. PS – This comes with a set of two, perfect if you frequently travel with a partner or leave one in your luggage for extra organization!

Trtl Pillow

travel pillow

So I bought this “pillow” as an alternative to the big dorky donut shaped ones everyone lugs around before our Europe trip last spring and really enjoyed it. We lucked out and got our own rows on the way to Paris and back from London so I didn’t use it as much as I probably would have it we sat next to other passengers and couldn’t actually lay down but still I like it better than the memory foam/bean bag type pillows. It’s compact and actually supported my neck. One drawback though (which I didn’t mind since I’m always freezing, especially when flying) is that you do tend to get a little warmer. The material is like that of a blanket and your body traps the heat but I didn’t mind, I found it actually realized me and made me feel like I was sleeping in a bed with real blankets.

Evian Spray Travel Size

travel sized facial spray

Love a quick hydrating spray. Once we land, I go to the bathroom and do a quick makeup touchup and then spray a little of this for one last hydration boost while setting my makeup. It’s super mild with no harsh detergents (seriously, it’s just micro droplets of Evian and nitrogen) and can be applied on top of your makeup without ruining your look.

Packing Cubes

travel luggage packing set

This seven piece set comes in all sorts of fun colors and patterns and really helped me stay organized during our trip. Since we were going to a new city every few days, with the packing cubes I was able to keep my chaos under control and not have to unpack and repack my bag each time.

This set includes three different sized clothing bags, one underwear bag, one drawstring bag (perfect for shoes), one flat bag (great for cosmetics, medications, or jewelry), and a laundry bag for your dirty clothes.

Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite travel products you swear by! I’m always looking for new recommendations. Safe & happy travels!


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