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Last Minute Easter Brunch Party

I don’t know if it’s because of the gloomy and rainy weather we’ve been having, the aggressive pink eye that was taking forever to get over, or the social isolation and quarantine measures in place but I was just not really feeling Easter this year (which is SO not like me). In the past, I’ve thrown an Easter brunch party with some girlfriends and am always down for a reason to celebrate and decorate. This year, I really wasn’t planning on doing anything (and obviously wasn’t having people over) but then of course, on Sunday morning I woke up and changed my mind and wanted a little extra Easter cheer. I was easily able to pull out my Easter decorations tub and within 30 minutes while my roommate was showering was able to transform our place into the perfect Easter brunch party! While I know in the middle of an international pandemic it might not be everyone’s jam to throw together a party, it mentally put me in a way better place and we had a lot of fun. It made yesterday feel different than all the other days we’ve had socially isolating. Honestly, I don’t normally do anything for Cinco de Mayo either but I’m feeling like we’re still going to be in the house so I just might plan a little roommate fiesta and get the details up ahead of time so you can join in if you want! 

Here’s how I threw together my last minute Easter brunch party:

  1. Grabbed a door hanger. I hope it cheered up the neighbors as they walked by. Our HOA was hosting a window decorating contest but I was pressed on time so a 3M command hook and an inexpensive door hanger from Big Lots got the job done. Next year, when we’re able to have a proper party and people over, a door hanger is an easy way to great your guests and sets the stage for what’s to come inside at your party.
  2. I had two different bunny molds and one bunny shaped cake tin so I made bunny shaped orange juice ice cubes for our mimosas (we’re the “splash” of OJ type people over here). I then filled the other molds and cake tin with  pancake batter and baked them in the oven because eating anything that’s bunny shaped just tastes better! 
  3. I used my Silhouette cameo to personalize our champagne flutes with peeps and our initials. In the past, when I’ve hosted a holiday celebration I try to make something like this that doubles as glassware and a souvenir/party favor. I normally get my glassware by the case from The Dollar Tree; you can even order online! 
  4. Speaking of The Dollar Tree, that’s also where I got my really cute bunny chair covers! They couldn’t be cuter and especially for $1/a chair! If you had any sewing (or honestly even hot glue skills) you could easily replicate with felt in a little DIY action! 
  5. I finished my tablescape with a reusable tablecloth (again from Big Lots) and some sparkly Easter eggs I had placed in a vase. I had some other random Easter trinkets that I put out on our shelves but if you were pressed for time or only had a set decor budget, I’d focus all your energy into creating one impactful space. Tables work well since people congregate around food and take photos/videos of your display.
  6. I got creative with what we had in the fridge already. We had a salad, some bacon, fresh fruit, fried wontons, naan flatbread pizzas, and mini breakfast sliders. I’m not the world’s biggest ham fan but it is Easter after all so we included it into the breakfast sliders. Since we’re working from home all week, I knew we’d have leftovers so I made extra food knowing we’ll eat it over the next couple of days. In the past when I’ve hosted a party, I always make extra food (but don’t always want to be left with the extras) so I get cute little to go boxes. After guests are winding down eating, I’ll consolidate serving platters and place out the to go boxes. When friends offer to help clean up, I offer a to go box. They take the food and I get the empty platter into the dishwasher – everyone wins!
  7. I had been waiting since last year to bust out my Pier One bunny plates! I got them after the holiday on clearance and they’re just too cute! I always go shopping for holiday decor after the occasion and add to my stash for the next year. It’s a great way to pick up some decorations on a budget! 
  8. I got creative and went through my Sephora samples to make a little mini Easter egg hunt for us in the living room. I also snuck in some drinking challenges (finish your drink, etc) to keep it exciting! Poor Anna ended up getting most of the drink challenge ones! Haha I definitely would want to plan to do the same thing next year with girlfriends. It would even be fun to have everyone bring a set number of eggs that had their favorites candies or beauty samples inside. It’s a great way to sample new products and makes the egg hunt more exciting! 
  9. I searched for an upbeat brunch music playlist and settled on this Sunday Funday Brunch playlist on Pandora. It’s a fun mix of upbeat oldies and good time music. Every great party needs a soundtrack!
  10. I dug through Jax’s clothes and busted out his bunny outfit for one picture. Haha I just couldn’t help myself. I mean if you have a dog and don’t dress him up for the occasion, did you even have a party? lol

Did you celebrate Easter this year? What did you do differently than normal? What are your favorite parts about Easter celebrations?


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