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May Blogging Goals Recap

So this post is obviously a long time overdue, I’m writing a May Blogging Goals wrap up on July 26th but hey life happens. To help future readers who may be looking for this content in chronological order, I’m backdating this post to early June. 

If you’ve been following along or you remember, I launched my blog mid-April in the middle of shelter in place/quarantine. I have a digital marketing background and love writing & supporting/teaching others so it seemed like a great way to occupy my time and focus my energy while I was laid off. Spoiler alert – I consider myself SO blessed but I wasn’t laid off for long and ended up going back to work in May. More on that later, but I want to use this post to revisit my May blog goals and update you all! 

May was my first full month blogging & I laid out the following goals:

1,000 Page Views 
400 Website Sessions
10,000 Pinterest Impressions & 2,500 Pinterest Impressions On My Own Content
350 Followers On Instagram 
15 Instagram Posts 
Write 75 Pieces Of Content 
Finish My Seven Days To Start A Blog Teachable Course 

400 Website Sessions

I ended May with 428 website sessions from 350 users. Since I launched my blog mid-April and had 198 sessions, I set a goal to double this for the next month and successfully hit my goal! 

1,000 Page Views 

In April, I had 407 page views so I hit a May goal of 1,000 page views. I ended the month short at 724 page views. I was driving people to my site but most were only checking out a post or two. We’ll get more into it later in this post but I think I could have hit my goal here if I had produced & posted more content throughout the month.

10,000 Overall Pinterest Impressions & 2,500 Pinterest Impressions On My Own Content

Now this one is pretty interesting. I bought the Pinterest With Elle course in April but there were so many other blogging “things” to focus on when I launched that I didn’t really invest as much time or energy as I should have on Pinterest. I realized this going into May and made Pinterest a focus for the month since I know it’s potential to drive traffic to my blog. As a reference in April I had 1,277 Pinterest impressions on CCWK content and 6,025 impressions overall. 

In May I ended up with 18,709 overall Pinterest impressions and 10,588 of those impressions were on my own content! I had a few pins go “viral” towards the end of the month. They were mostly love quotes focused on some of my deployment content with one Pinterest tip pin that we’ll touch more on in my June recap

I focused on pinning my own content and creating my own pins this month, again using some of the info I learned in the Pinterest With Elle course. 

350 Followers on Instagram & 15 Instagram Posts 

I started May with 169 followers and ended the month shy of my goal at 285 followers. I only posted three pieces of content for the month. I was and still am working through a serious case of imposter syndrome when it comes to showing up on Instagram (blog post surrounding my thoughts on the topic to come soon). 

My own thinking and getting in my own way is definitely what held me back from hitting these goals. 

Write 75 Pieces of Content 

If you’ll remember my May Blogging Goals post, and I quote – “Now you’re probably thinking that creating 75 pieces of content is CRAZY (and it kind of is) but let me explain. While most bloggers are writing a few times a week & full-time income generating bloggers may come out with one new post a day, right now with the shelter in place orders, I have a lot of free time on my hands.” 

Turns out it WAS crazy and I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands. I ended up getting hired back to my full time role in May and not only that but we launched two brand new, high profile projects in the middle of the pandemic! I was definitely busy but not with blogging so sadly, I was way short of this goal. I do still have a list of now over 300 blog posts I want to write and am working on getting back in the saddle and producing the content. 

If you’re interested, click through for more details & in-depth review about my May traffic & income reports. In May, I published the following ten blog posts: 

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Finish My Seven Days To Start A Blog Teachable Course 

Now if the previous goal recap was any indication, I did not finish my Teachable course but I did launch my online store where you can book my blogging packages, audits, and hourly consultations! 

So there you have it! I crushed some May goals while leaving some others out there. If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us it’s that we have no idea what is coming next. While I would have loved to report back that I crushed all my May goals and now sixty days later am a full time blogger extraordinaire, I’m also fully committed to the process and full transparency. All too often in the blogging community, we see these “overnight” sensations and let negative self talk and imposter syndrome creep in and hold us back. So with that, thanks for reading my May blogging goals recap! If you learned anything or have a question about anything I mentioned, leave a comment below! I’m SO happy to connect and help you on your blogging journey! 


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