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My May Blogging Goals

So if you read my April income & traffic reports, you know that I just launched Chit Chat With Katie mid-April and spent most of the month getting everything set up and running. Now that the blog is officially launched and I’ve worked out the kinks (mostly!) I’m excited to really jump into blogging!

I’ve decided to have some monthly recurring posts, like my income and traffic reports, along with this monthly blogging goals post. Not only do I want to track my own progress and hold myself accountable but I also want other beginning bloggers to get a first hand look at how I chose to start my blog, where I spent my time & energy, what paid off, and what didn’t. Hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two and make your own blog better in the process!

Here are my Blogging Goals for May:

1,000 Page Views

In April, I had 407 page views. I was going to double this goal for May since I launched in the middle of April but then decided to shoot a little higher since I’m really planning on giving it all with blogging this month!

400 Website Sessions

I had 198 sessions in April so I’d like to double to 400 sessions for the month of May.

10,000 Pinterest Impressions

In April, I started my Pinterest account following the guidance of Pinterest with Elle but got overwhelmed with all the other aspects of my blog so I didn’t spend as much time on the platform as I would have liked. I had 6,025 total impressions on my Pinterest account and would like to grow this number to 10,000 in May.

2,500 Pinterest Impressions On My Own Content

Like I mentioned above, I’m going to be spending more time on Pinterest this month since I know what a huge traffic driver it can be for my blog. I set a secondary goal of getting my own specific content impressions up as well. In April, I had 1,277 impressions on Chit Chat With Katie content. In May, I’d like to double this to 2,500 impressions.

350 followers on Instagram

I finished the month with 176 followers and honestly, haven’t been really super active the past week. I don’t really have an excuse and I’m (surprisingly!) not spending a lot of wasted time on the platform but I want to get back into the swing of things since I really enjoy the community I’m building.

15 Instagram Posts

I also want to be consistent with my posting for the month of May. In April, I shared 14 photos but they were sporadic and spread out, which I know isn’t great for building a community or the algorithm. For May, I’d like to posts consistently at least three times a week.

I have a content calendar and most of my photos already planned but really struggle with actually taking the photos. Quarantine shower schedule and manicure anyone? haha I’m putting this goal out in the universe to hold myself accountable. Take the photos! BTW – If you’re on Instagram and we’re not following each other yet, stop by and say hi! I promise to be a cheerleader and give you a like & comment when I see your content!

Write 75 Pieces of Content

Now you’re probably thinking that creating 75 pieces of content is CRAZY (and it kind of is) but let me explain. While most bloggers are writing a few times a week & full-time income generating bloggers may come out with one new post a day, right now with the shelter in place orders, I have a lot of free time on my hands. When I started Chit Chat With Katie, it wasn’t only a fun distraction but also a way to put into practice some new skills I’m learning and a way to test & try out certain practices that I just can’t do on my client accounts or websites. I definitely take my time in the morning and welcome a happy hour cocktail promptly at 5pm but I really try to spend the time that I would normally be at work working on my blog. That doesn’t mean that I’m always writing (there’s so much more to blogging than just the actual blog posts!) but I definitely have the time to produce and write content right now. Full time bloggers have a whole set of obligations & commitments that I don’t so really I have more time to write posts right now that I probably ever will in my blogging journey!

In the few weeks that I’ve been blogging, I’ve noticed one of my favorite parts is helping out others who are just getting started. I plan on spending some serious time this month taking those emails & chats and converting them into blog posts that others can easily reference. More on that below!

I also gave myself the challenge to write 31 pieces this month supporting my local community. I won’t be publishing all those posts just yet but as San Diego reopens restaurants, gyms, retail, salons, and spas I know that I want to be able to highlight & support my favorite businesses & small business owners. I’m writing those posts this month so that they’re ready to go when those businesses are open and could use the feature!

I’m also going to continue to develop and write my lifestyle content so the blog won’t just be for other bloggers or those that live in San Diego. When you add those three content buckets together, it doesn’t really seem all that crazy to come up with 75 posts and if we’re being honest, I already have a brainstorm content list with over 200 posts I want to write!

Finish My Seven Days To Start A Blog Teachable Course

So like I briefly mentioned above one of my favorite parts of my blogging journey so far has been becoming connected to the amazing blogger community. I’ve screen-shared with strangers & jumped on Zoom calls to help other bloggers set up their Google Analytics or customize their themes. I’ve helped a friend cross country take the leap to start her own blog. I’ve troubleshooted drip campaigns and helped clarify FTC disclosures for new influencers. I’m spending so much time in Facebook groups connecting and learning that sometimes I have to remind myself I need to work on my own blog!

A little personal sharing, I come from a family of teachers but have always known that teaching kids was just not my jam. I’ve nannied and babysat and enjoy some kids but don’t have the patience or nurturing personality to take care of a room full of developing young minds. A few years ago though I started speaking on panels and sharing my knowledge and it was then I realized, I really love teaching adults, business owners, and entrepreneurs. I’ve spoken on a couple different panels at the national Nightclub & Bar Convention in Las Vegas and my favorite part of the week is always hanging around the room after our session to answer small business owners’ questions about digital marketing. I’ve also started guest lecturing at San Diego State in an entrepreneur program and love making connections with the students, reviewing their portfolios & resumes, and helping field their questions as they begin their careers. It’s really made me realize that maybe I have more in common with all the teachers in my family than I realized!

One of my Nightclub & Bar Speaker Panels discussing
The Shift From Millennials to Gen Z

I’ve decided to take everything I’ve learned through my 10+ years specializing in digital marketing and create easy to understand content for other bloggers or people looking for some DIY marketing solutions & education. I really enjoy working one on one with small business owners and will probably open up some limited consulting services too but really wanted a way to help as many people as possible! I’ll be finalizing my bundles and course education this month (so if there’s something you really want to see, let me know!) and then my plan is to launch my course the first week of June! I’m also going to be looking for some people to complete the course, review, and share feedback before I launch so if you’re interested, leave me a comment below or shoot me an email!

I’ll be back at the beginning of June to update you all on my May goal progress and to announce my goals for June! Let’s make this month a great one!


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