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Micro MeetUp | Motivation Monday

So if you’ve been following the blog on social media, you know that one of my recent goals has to been to get out of my comfort zone twice a month and do something that betters me – personally or professionally and that includes meetup events.

So far this has looked like a few networking events, a hand lettering class, a certification program at USD, a tasting panel, and a beauty class at Sephora. Up next on my list are a New Moon Circle and a Brew Your Own Kombucha class but we’ll get to those when the time is right. Right now, let’s go over how I spent the perfect evening on a rooftop in La Jolla overlooking the ocean, working on my vision journal followed by a starlit yoga class surrounded by some pretty amazing women.

Micro Meet Up

I met with the Micro Meetup founder, Krystal Sanchez, for coffee recently and instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of these awesome events. Krystal organizes these micro meet ups that are centered on bringing like-minded women together from all walks of life to build genuine connections and real relationships.  Topics discussed can include work but also cover self-care, networking, and awareness in a casual setting. Micro Meetup clearly explains it, “You don’t have to be a business owner. All we ask is you have Ambition and one hell of a Sexy Mind.” Now, that’s something I can definitely get behind.

The next upcoming event is “Sexy Minds UnWine’d”, hosted at a medical wellness spa including a charity component benefitting the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, raffle prizes, light bites, wine and chocolate tastings, a vitamin bar, live music, selfie station, and more!

Creating a Vision Journal

Okay, now back to Monday! We started the evening with Tar’Lese, the CEO of Body. Brains. Bank Account, leading the meetup group through an amazing vision journal process. The magazines were all randomly placed around the rooftop and I couldn’t help but smile when the magazines in my spot happened to be business, finance, and home related – all three categories I’m really focusing my time & energy on for the upcoming year.  Tar’Lese led us through some tips & tricks and best practices while sharing her personal experiences with vision boards.

We then went around the circle and each woman shared an actionable goal. Some of the answers included “being a millionaire by the time I’m 30”, “running for public office in the next 2 years”, “publishing a book”, “or visiting every continent in the next 5 years.” I have to admit my first thought was, “Wow! These are some big dreams! How does everyone think so BIG?!” and that’s when it immediately hit me, that’s what’s so beautiful about these events. Being surrounded by likeminded women who are working on living their truest & most authentic life makes it impossible for you to think small. When you’re surrounded by those who are doing and thinking big, you can’t help but be inspired and start thinking bigger for yourself. We crave community, real relationships, authentic connections and this event was the perfect example on how to find those connections.

I’ve honestly had it on my to-do list forever to finish my vision board but I never actually end up carving out the time to complete my vision board & I’m so incredibly grateful that I attended this event and made some time for myself. Not to mention, it was way nicer to complete a vision journal & set some goals on a rooftop with the sun setting over the ocean vs sitting at your kitchen table. 🙂

The rest of the meetup consisted of a Kevita (my personal FAV brand of kombucha!) tasting, aromatherapy manifestation station by Saje (new obsession), a goodie bag filled with delicious treats, and a starlit tantric yoga class.

The yoga class was definitely a highlight of the meetup as well. All day I had been so sore from a previous OrangeTheory workout that I couldn’t even walk comfortably and I thought multiple times about sneaking out before yoga started, but I’m so so glad that I stayed. I had never practiced Tantra Yoga and I have to say it was exactly what I needed. Nicole Turner did an amazing job leading us all through a truly magical practice – not kidding – we even saw a shooting star! Again the universe with its way of just gently placing in my lap exactly what I need when I need it. It was pretty surreal. I left with a greater sense of self, a renewed commitment to my goals, and a clear vision for my future.

yoga mats laid out for meetup

I’d love to hear from you, what are some of your favorite parts of your vision board? Any cool success stories from vision boards or journals, manifestation, or visualization?

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