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My Blogging Goals For October & September Recap

I’ve been trying to think of the best way to structure these posts moving forward and think that each month I’ll share my new blogging goals while reporting on my previous month’s progress and results. This month for October, I’m focusing on some personal goals and getting my blog to a steady & consistent place so I’m not making any crazy blogging goals but instead focusing on quality and routine.

My Blogging Goals For October

Write 20 Pieces of Content & Publish At Least 15 Posts

15 pieces of content would be three posts a week which I think is definitely doable. I already have a pretty long brainstorm list of content ideas that I’d like to write about, I just need to commit and make it happen. If you remember back in May, I set a goal to write 75 pieces of content (which at the time I was furloughed and blogging full time but unexpectedly went back to work) so I didn’t hit that goal. This time around, I’d like to post at least twice a week and three times a week will allow me to hit my goal. There are so many other aspects to blogging that go beyond the actual writing that I don’t want to burn myself out.

I want to spend time this month finalizing my systems and getting a plan in place that makes blogging enjoyable and easy enough to execute with my full time job. Now why am I setting a goal to write more than I publish? Like I said before, writing is only one piece of actually blogging (and my favorite part) so instead of spending all this time just to get four posts up a week, I’m going to give myself some flexibility to start writing content that I want to post in the future. This way I can get the writing piece out of the way & scheduled and then when the time comes work on the backend optimizing and promoting the posts.

Since my blog is still new and fairly smaller, I also don’t have crowds of people waiting each morning for my new post to drop so as long as I’m posting content weekly, that also meets the needs of my audience.

Photo Blogging Goals For October

In my September recap below, you’ll ready all about my struggle with getting high quality photos of myself. In October, I’m going to be more mindful about planning out my promotion content and which photos I’ll need to consistently post throughout the month.

I would like to schedule or plan at least three separate shoots in October to get content for my blog. I already have one shoot on the books with Shoott (read all about my first experience with them here) and then would like to work with an individual photographer downtown for another shoot, and try my hand at one shoot myself with my tripod.

From my last Shoott shoot in Balboa Park

October Social MEdia Blogging Goals

Related to the photography goal above (and included in last month’s recap below), I’m going to work on being more consistent with my social promotion this month as well.

I’m currently sitting at 365 followers. I would like to authentically and organically grow that number to 450 by the end of the month.

I would like to post at least twice a week (the theme this month is consistency) on Instagram.

I am committing to developing my stories content and showing up for my audience at least three times a week on Instagram Stories.

Launch My Holiday Product Line In My shop!

This is one I’ve been SO excited to share and has secretly been one of my blogging goals for a few months now. I’ve been working with suppliers and sourcing my samples and am so excited to expand my offerings and finally launch the product side of Chit Chat With Katie! You can already book my services for marketing or blogging help directly through my website, but everyone who knows me knows I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting an Etsy for forever.

I may actually launch an Etsy shop in conjunction since it’s great for driving traffic but I want full control over my user experience so a standalone website is a great option for me. I don’t want to give too much away before the shop is launched but you can expect the perfect stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and self care treats for yourself as we head into this holiday season.

Like I said before, I’m keeping it simple this month & also keeping it doable since sometimes that’s half the battle. Now let’s go over how September’s blogging goals ended up.

September Blogging Goals Recap

Publish 25 Pieces of Content

So I did a write a lot in September, I honestly have a Google Drive folder full of half written posts, but I didn’t get them all finished and published. For as much time as I spend writing each post, there’s an almost equal amount of time that goes into pulling images, SEO optimization, and promotion. I found myself excited to write but dragging my feet at actually getting all the posts up so that’s kind of where October’s scaled back goal came from.

In September, I published 12 posts:

Finish My RankMath Tutorial/Set Up 

I’m happy to report that I did finish the RankMath tutorial and set up of my blog! I’ve been using the tool for over a month now and really like its functionality and interface better than Yoast. We’ll get a little more into the technical below during my Blog Audit section but I now have RankMath set up and running for all my blog posts! SUCCESS

Create 50 Pins 

I created 44 pins for the month of September so just a little shy of my original goal of 50. I also didn’t do any pinning the first week or two of the month. The name of the game is consistency in October so I’m really focusing on getting the basics optimized and flowing and then will add back in additional pins when I feel comfortable, probably next month.

Complete A Full Blog Audit 

Boy was this a doozy! I had copied over some old content from a short lived blog before I launched Chit Chat With Katie and I didn’t realize the over the past few months images were missing, links were broken, SEO wasn’t optimized, etc. I completed this goal but it took me significantly longer than I thought that it was going to.

I toyed around with the idea of archiving old posts but since my blog is still newer and honestly, some of those posts are my top performing content, I instead decided to update them. Moving forward, I think I’ll probably audit old posts twice a year on a monthly rotating schedule so I’m not doing every post I’ve ever written at once. If you have any suggestions for how you structure your old blog content, I’d love to hear it!

Take Photos Of Myself

I did take a few photos of myself in September. I did one at home content shoot with my tripod, camera, and wireless remote.

One of my September Blogging Goals - At Home Photo Shoot - girl readying on bed in morning PIN IT

I also busted out my tripod one day and shot myself in front of a few different murals a couple blocks away from my place one night. Definitely out of my comfort zone but they made for some good shots!

Reach Out To Three Companies 

I knew when setting this as one of my blogging goals that my traffic wasn’t high enough to get a full paid brand partnership but I still wanted to start practicing pitching to brands and honestly, this month, I was just looking for promo codes or discounts that I could share with my readers to provide them value.

I’m happy to report that not only did I exceed my goal of reaching out to three companies but that three were super receptive and extended me offers!

Two are included in posts I haven’t completed yet so I won’t mention those just yet but if you saw back in September, I published a two part blog post about CBD and How Equilibria Has Changed My Life. I reached out to the owners & founders of Equilibria and they extended an offer code to all my readers so code CCWK will get you 15% off your first order! I honestly cannot say enough good things about Equilibria and the difference it has made for me this year.

If you’re looking to get started with brand collaborations, a great place to start is to just reach out to your favorite brands! The content you’ll produce will be authentic and resonate with your readers and as an added bonus, you get to also provide value to a brand you love & support.

Website Traffic Blogging Goals 

The last section of my September blogging goals outline some number based goals. If you didn’t check out my September Traffic Report yet, here were my website & social goals for the month: 

  • 1,000 Page Views (I’ve been averaging around 300 views a month the last three months) I came in a little shy of this goal finishing out the month at 870 page views. I wanted to triple my previous few months but still 870 is pretty significant so I’ll take it!
  • 400 website sessions (I’ve been averaging around 200 sessions a month the last three months) I beat this goal and finished September with 589 sessions!
  • 350 followers on Instagram (Currently sitting at 283) I also hit this goal, ending the month with 365 followers!
  • 10 Instagram Posts – I only posted fie static feed posts on my Instagram in September and they were all towards the end of the month. This is one reason why I’m not only setting numeric goals in October but also frequency goals. I want to post consistently twice a week on Instagram this month.

How did you do with your goals last month? What are your blogging goals this month/for the rest of the year? Seriously, can you believe we’re actually in Q4?!


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