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My Favorite Peloton Spin Classes

“What’s up Peloton!” 

I couldn’t resist, I feel like all Peloton spin classes starts that way so it felt only right to kick off this blog post the same way. If you read my At Home Spin Studio post, you know that I, along with the rest of the entire world, got a spin bike during the stay at home orders. I didn’t get a Peloton, you’re welcome Dave Ramsey, but I did put together a pretty nifty at home set up with a bike and a few other fun things that I got on Amazon. I’m happy to say, I’ve had my set up for a couple months now and am actually still enjoying it and dare I say, look forward to my time spinning! 

Today I’m breaking down some of my favorite Peloton spin classes so if you’re a beginner/intermediate spinner or are just new to the app, you’re in the right place! 

When You Need To Remember Who You Are

I cannot recommend Robin’s 30 minute Lizzo ride enough. I honestly think I jumped off the bike and immediately texted three girlfriends that they had to take this ride ASAP. I’ve actually taken it multiple times and not only feel like I get a great workout but I mentally get myself in check and feel so inspired to take on whatever life throws at me. 

This was my first time taking a class by Robin Arzón and once I got over feeling like I was cheating on Cody, I was hooked. Robin leads a tough class but is encouraging, motivating and really makes the whole thing fun. 

Your Lizzo favorites like Good As Hell, Juice, and Truth Hurts are definitely included in this playlist but I was surprised that one of my favorite tracks was slow jam Jerome in the middle of the ride. I found myself going heavier, harder, and having a moment. Side note – We all have a Jerome in our lives. I also couldn’t help myself and bust out a few dance moves, thank the Lord for the private studio situation, when the Blame It On Your Love Charli XCX track came on. 

Okay, now I’ve hyped myself up to take this class again and you should too. You’ll thank me later. 

Peloton Rating: 99.3% thumbs up (231,750 ratings) 
Difficulty: 7.7/10 

Quick & Effective

If you’ve only got 20 minutes and need to make it count with some HIIT, Ben Alldis’ 20 minute Tabata ride is for you! 

This class was super challenging for me but I convinced myself,”I can do anything for 30 seconds.” Expect intervals, max all out efforts, and quick recoveries. Before you know it, you’ll be halfway done and then soon after the class will be over and you’ll be dripping with sweat and glowing with accomplishment.

Peloton Rating: 99.5% thumbs up (5,698 ratings) 
Difficulty: 8.4/10 

A 30 Minute Everyday Ride 

A former professional dancer, the Peloton bio for Cody couldn’t be more spot on, he brings energy, movement, and authenticity to everything he does. 

A girlfriend with a Peloton always raved about Cody so when I first got my bike and the app, I started only taking his classes until I felt more comfortable. Cody’s 30 minute pop rides always include great upbeat playlists (often with a theme or inspo), and are great for getting used to spinning. 

I recently took this specific class and wanted to include it on my list for a basic everyday ride. The playlists includes Nicki Minaj, Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus, of course a Britney track (actually two), Madonna, and Ariana Grande.

Peloton Rating: 99.4% thumbs up (53,915 ratings) 
Difficulty: 7.6/10 

I Mean… No Explanation Necessary

If you’ve ever taken a class with Cody you know that “When we play Britney, we f*ck sh!t UP!” 

As a die-hard Brit fan, you know that I took this class as soon as it hit the app. The playlist included some major hits like Toxic and Oops! I Did It Again but also has some other tracks that after taking this class, I can confidently say were created for spin. Stronger has always been a workout jam of mine so combined with Gimme More and Work B*tch, I not only was dancing this entire ride but was also working so hard and pushing myself the entire time. 

Peloton Rating: 99.7% thumbs up (219,064 ratings) 
Difficulty: 8.2/10 

Saturday Morning Groove

Finishing up my Cody chapter is one of his 60 minute Groove rides. Groove rides at Peloton are choreography based and this one includes a 4 minute arm workout as well so make sure to grab your light weights. 

I like to take a longer ride on the weekends when I don’t feel pressured to get back to work or start making dinner. I like to ride during lunch or will make sure to jump on after the workday if I get busy during the day. 

This specific class consists of a warmup, 12 minutes of cycling, a 4 minute arm break, then 36 minutes of cycling, and your cool down. 

The playlist yes includes Britney featuring the Lacques Lu Cont Mix of Breathe On Me (so cool!), Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls (another workout jam), Pony by Ginuwine, Whip My Hair by Willow, and some Ariana Grande so you get the idea. High energy, high effort, great workout!

Peloton Rating: 99.5% thumbs up (32,949 ratings) 
Difficulty: 8.3/10 

Go Hard

It’s all Weezy F Baby aka Tunechi aka Lil Wayne for this 45 minute ride led by Alex Toussaint
I was looking for something else other than a pop ride and wanted a little longer ride when I found this class and I’m so glad that I did. 

It is explicit so pop in headphones if you’ve got kids around but I swear I got so into the music that I pushed myself hard and got in a great workout.

The playlist includes songs like Gossip, Truffle Butter, Deep, She Will, and Hustler Musik. When Right Above It featuring Drake hit, you know I found a little extra gas in my tank.

Peloton Rating: 99.5% thumbs up (74,384 ratings) 
Difficulty: 8.8/10  

Pick Me Up Ride 

I took this 30 minute ride led by Hannah Corbin on a Sunday morning after a yoga class when I was looking for a little something extra to move my body but didn’t want to overdo it. I checked out the playlist and was intrigued. This class features tracks like Malibu by Miley Cyrus, Never Give Up by Sia, Good Feeling by Flo Rida, and Wild Things by Alessia Cara. All a little slower than I’m used to so at the end of the class I was surprised how good of a workout I felt I got in. I also really appreciated Hannah’s energy and upbeat attitude!

Peloton Rating: 98.7% thumbs up (24,658 ratings) 
Difficulty: 7.3/10 

In A Rush? 

Hannah’s 15 minute Hip Hop ride is the perfect upbeat, high energy mix for when you only have a small window to sneak in a workout. There’s a little bit of old school, new school, East Coast, and West Coast. Kayne to P.Diddy, Trick Daddy, and Mase, you’re sure to jump off your bike with a feeling of accomplishment and a little extra swagger after this class. 

Peloton Rating: 99% thumbs up (16,949 ratings) 
Difficulty: 7.3/10 


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