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My May 2020 Traffic & Income Report

Some links may be affiliate links. I may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these at no additional cost to you. 

If you’ve already read my May Blogging Goals Recap post, you know that I went back to work in May and stepped away from my blog for awhile. You also then already know that I’m all about encouraging other new bloggers and publish my monthly income & traffic reports to help inspire others and share my personal blogging journey. 

In April I published separate income & traffic reports and that’s my plan moving forward but while I’m getting caught back up with blogging, I’m going to roll my monthly traffic & income templates into one blog post for the months of May & June. Let’s get to it! You can read my April 2020 income report here if you’re interested! 

Blog Posts I Published In May 

Google Analytics 

My May snapshot metrics: 

  • 350 users (up from April)
  • 428 sessions (up from April)
  • 724 pageviews (up from April)
  • 3:06 average time on page (same as last month)
  • 1.64% bounce rate (down from 6.06%)
  • 8.6% returning users (down from 10.9%)

Couple of insights here, I launched my blog mid-month in April so it’s logical I’d get more traffic, page views, sessions, and users the following full month. I’m not too worried that my returning users are down slightly because in April, I’m pretty sure my blog was viewed mostly by my boyfriend, best friends, and family haha. As I published more content and promoted the blog throughout May, it makes sense I would be attracting new viewers.

In April, 42.2% of my blog viewers were from social referrals and 53.6% (my biggest referral source) was direct. This month, 86.4% of my viewers came from social media sources. Again, since this was my first full month blogging and I was promoting my blog online through different groups and sources, this stat changing so drastically makes sense.

My most popular posts of the month were my Tuscan Chicken Instant Pot Pasta Recipe (for the second month in a row), 5 Quick Pinterest Tips To Immediately Improve Your Blog Traffic, and My April Traffic Report.


I took Pinterest With Elle in April as I was setting up my account and am so glad that I did but honestly, I didn’t stick with everything I learned. Between blog writing, customizing my theme, announcing my launch, etc I didn’t spend as much time on Pinterest as I would have liked. In May I started to focus more on Pinterest (you can read more in May Blogging Goals Recap) and the work paid off! I had a series of pins that went “viral” for me towards the end of the month.

My pins with the highest impressions (and my top clicked pin) were all from my previous deployment content. I took some of the quotes from My Favorite Deployment Quotes post and posted them on Pinterest. These quote pins took my top two most engaging pin spots with over 100 engagements between them. The rest of my top performing pins are spread through a couple different blog categories including blogging, lifestyle, and food.

Hint – This is one of those examples that I could spend some extra time looking into the numbers to see if my audience would like more military relationship and deployment content since this content has performed at the top of my pins two months in a row now.

My Overall Pinterest Traffic Numbers for May

  • 18,709 impressions
  • 15.63k total audience 
  • 553 engagements
  • 422 engaged audience 

My Specific Chit Chat With Katie Content Metrics

  • 10,588 impressions 
  • 9.01k total audience 
  • 289 engagements 
  • 212 engaged audience 


I use Iconosquare to manage my Instagram & Facebook pages. It’s such a great tool for scheduling, analyzing data, competitor research, the list goes on and on. Here’s a snapshot of my May Instagram metrics. Keep in mind, since my account is brand new all these engagement numbers are super high. I officially launched my blog and social channels in the middle of April.

  • 3 posts (definitely got distracted this month)
  • 285 Instagram followers (up from 176)
  • 2,035 impressions
  • A reach of 1,167
  • An engagement rate of 32.46%

Facebook Page 

I have to admit, I’ve not put any energy into my Facebook page still. Right now, I’m pushing through some content but with getting everything up and running with the blog and then heading back to work full time, my plate has been full so Facebook (and the blog in general) has definitely taken a back seat.

I also use Iconosquare to pull my Facebook overall metrics since the Facebook Insights tab is clunky and doesn’t let you easily pull data for a specific time period (their default is 7 or 28 days). 

Here are my May Facebook analytics:

  • 12 page likes (up from 4)
  • 124 impressions (doubled from last month)
  • A reach of 29 (unique accounts)
  • 11 engagements 
  • A reach rate of 290%
  • A fan engagement rate of 110%
  • And a regular engagement rate of 37.93%

I like to keep track of my fan engagement rate and my overall engagement rate for my client accounts to see how content is performing with the general public and also with our fan base/brand advocates. 

May Income Report

Total Income Earned $0

Affiliate Sales 


For the month of May, I received 9 clicks but didn’t convert any to sales.


If you remember from April’s report, I made one affiliate sale through SiteGround but didn’t include it in my monthly report as income because it was still pending. I logged into my dashboard today and realized it’s still pending. I didn’t complete a W9 so I did that today and hopefully it will be included in July’s report!
For each referral that converts using my unique links, SiteGround pays me $50. I had two clicks, both unique, and no sales in May. 

Creative Market 

I found the perfect theme for my blog on Creative Market. I’m a big fan of their online marketplace and was just recently accepted into their affiliate program as well. Creative Market allows affiliates to earn 15% of new customer orders. I had 80 clickthroughs and one sale in the month of May for a 1.25% conversion rate. Much like SiteGround, I didn’t complete the payout paperwork when signing up initially so I won’t include this on May’s income report but instead will hopefully post it in July.

Services & Products 

I didn’t sell any services or products during the month of May.

Collaborations/Brand Partnerships 

I didn’t have any income from collaborations or brand partnerships in May.


Total Expenses $81.94

Canva Pro – $12.95

Canva is the tool I use to make all my blog headers and pins for Pinterest. I’m a huge Canva fan and have been using them for multiple design projects over the past few years. I wasn’t accepted into their affiliate program (I didn’t meet the traffic requirements) but if you haven’t used Canva yet, this referral link will get us both a Canva credit!

Iconosquare – $39 

I used Iconosquare at my full time job before launching my blog and wouldn’t be able to do my job on social media without it! It’s by far the most affordable and robust social media scheduling & analytic reporting tool out there. Iconosquare easily shows your growth, lets you analyze what content is performing best, and allows you to schedule automatic posts all from an easy to use dashboard. I can’t wait to deep dive into some Iconosquare tutorials with you all soon! 

Adobe Stock – $29.99

I really need to remember to use my credits and then cancel my Adobe membership. I do use some of the stock images but have so many credits now, it’s not worth the $29.99 a month. I actually had forgotten I even had a membership until I was going through my Quarantine Productivity List. I’ve since started using some Adobe images when I need a stock photo for the blog (like this post’s featured image) but think I’ll cancel next month.

I’ll publish these traffic & income reports monthly not only to hold myself accountable but to document the growth of my blog and hopefully inspire you to take action if monetizing & developing your blog is something you want to do!


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