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My November 2020 Traffic & Income Report

Some links may be affiliate links. I may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these at no additional cost to you. 

If you read my October Traffic & Income Report, you know that when I went back to work after being furloughed, things were manageable for a bit… until they weren’t. This year has been nuts and a lot to manage so unfortunately for the second time this year, my blog took a major backseat and was out there on the interwebs by herself all alone with no new content or support from me for the month of November.

When I launched Chit Chat With Katie, I made the commitment to publish monthly traffic & income reports so although it’s mid-December, I’m posting both October & November’s recaps today. I’ll go ahead and back date them so they’re easy to find and hopefully with the extra time off, the new year, and getting really intentional about my goals – I’m back to blogging more consistently!

Blog Posts I Published In November

For the second time in a row, we’re raking in zero new posts for the month of November.

Google Analytics 

My November snapshot metrics: 

  • 371 users (down from 392
  • 427 sessions (down from 448)
  • 576 page views (up from 548)
  • 2:14 average time on page (up from 1:45)
  • 2.11% bounce rate (down from 4.46%)
  • 12.5% returning users (up from 11.5%)

Surprisingly, some of my stats were actually up for November even thought I didn’t touch my blog in October or November.

My Favorite Deployment Quotes is still my most popular blog post with 175 page views this month. 30 Things To Do During The First 30 Days of Deployment was my second most visited post (with 103 page views) and my third most popular post was 15 Bible Verses For Deployment. Other popular posts this month include Create Your Own At Home Spin Studio, my Gua Sha post, and My Amazon Gift Guide.


There have been a ton of recent algorithm and Pinterest updates in the last few months but I honestly haven’t been using the platform enough to weigh on how it’s impacted my metrics. It is interesting that I didn’t do any pining or blogging in October or November and while my October stats were down, my November stats are up, both for total Pinterest & specific CCWK content – with no effort on my part.

My Overall Pinterest Traffic Numbers for November

  • 48,119 impressions (up from 39,181)
  • 31.43k total audience (up from 24.64k)
  • 1.91k engagements (up from 1.72k)
  • 1.29k engaged audience (up from 1.13k)

My Specific Chit Chat With Katie Content Metrics

  • 46,820 impressions (up from 38,813)
  • 30.83k total audience (up from 24.21k)
  • 1.86k engagements (up from 1.7k)
  • 1.24k engaged audience (up from 1.12k)


I’ve shared my love of Iconosquare before and still stand by it as a great tool to manage my Instagram & Facebook pages but I actually have to post. <face palm>

  • 0 posts
  • 363 Instagram followers (-8 follower evolution)
  • 247 impressions (down from 568)
  • A reach of 131 (down from 302)
  • An engagement rate of 0%

Facebook Page 

Much like Instagram, I didn’t do anything with my Facebook page in the month of November either.

Here are my Facebook analytics:

  • 20 page likes 
  • 44 impressions (up from 39)
  • A reach of 6 (down from 14)
  • 1 engagement (down from 2)

November Income Report

Total Income Earned $0.

Affiliate Sales 


For the month of November, I received 23 clicks resulting in 2 ordered items (including a spin bike!) and a 8.7% conversion rate. The total revenue of shipped items equaled $347.94 but the order was deemed ineligible by Amazon (they have all sorts of crazy ways they approve affiliate sales) so I didn’t earn any income.


If you read some of my previous income reports, you’ll remember I had a $50 pending payout from SiteGround. When I went to log in and pull a screenshot for October’s income report, I noticed that the commission payout has been cancelled. The domain is still up and I’m pretty sure it should be a credible sale, so I’m going to reach out to SiteGround and see why it was cancelled.


Creative Market 

I’m love Creative Market and immediately applied to their affiliate program when I launched my blog. Creative Market allows affiliates to earn 15% of new customer orders. I had no clicks or sales through Creative Market in November.

Services & Products 

I didn’t take on any additional side jobs or sell any blogging packages in November.

Collaborations/Brand Partnerships 

I didn’t have any income from collaborations or brand partnerships in November.


Total Expenses $51.95

Canva Pro – $12.95

Canva is the tool I use to make all my blog headers and pins for Pinterest. I’m working on upping my Adobe skills (I’m taking some classes online!) but in the meantime, I’m still using Canva all the time. If you haven’t used Canva yet, this referral link will get us both a Canva credit!

Iconosquare – $39 

I used Iconosquare at my full time job before launching my blog and wouldn’t be able to do my job on social media without it! It’s by far the most affordable and robust social media scheduling & analytic reporting tool out there. Iconosquare easily shows your growth, lets you analyze what content is performing best, and allows you to schedule automatic posts all from an easy to use dashboard. I can’t wait to deep dive into some Iconosquare tutorials with you all soon! 

And with that, we’re done with November and on to bigger and better things!

And as always, if I can help you with your blogging journey at all you can always reach out and email me directly!


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