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My Personal Goals For September

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Hello September! 

I don’t know about you but I am so ready for a new month and the start of fall! Here in San Diego, I swear that September is the hottest month of the whole year but mentally I’m with you all in chunky sweaters and golden leaves celebrating all that is pumpkin spice flavored! 

I thought this month instead of sharing just my blogging goals for the month, I’d share some of my personal goals as well. 

Whole 30 

Well on August 29th, I decided to jump in and commit to doing my first round of Whole 30 in September. I then found out the rest of the world was starting on September 14th but I knew if I waited two weeks, I’d talk myself out of it so I’m starting today on September 1st! 

Matt and I read Wired To Eat awhile back and I got all the supplies and planned to do the program but then life got in the way and we never got around to it. 

I started becoming more interested in hormones and inflammation in the body so I pulled out the book a few weeks ago. While researching online, I realized this low FODMAP type of diet was so similar to Whole 30 but Whole 30 is more widely recognized and had a ton of easy to follow printable PDFs so I decided to give it a shot. 

I bought It Starts With Food and read it in a weekend. Everyone online was saying to really get the program, you needed to read a book to learn the science and find your why. Honestly this will probably get me kicked out of imaginary the Whole 30 club, but honestly I don’t really care for Melissa’s writing style. My sister said she reminds her a little of Jillian Michaels during the OG Biggest Loser seasons, and I agree. I didn’t find it inspiring or even tough love but found it a little condescending and even shaming in some cases. One quote that sticks out to me is “drinking your coffee black isn’t hard, having cancer is hard but drinking your coffee without sugar isn’t hard…” Okay, yah having cancer is definitely harder than drinking black coffee but for someone reading this book, drinking their coffee without any artificial sweeteners is hard. And I believe that’s okay. I believe acknowledging that it might be hard for you to give up wine or bread or pasta is okay and actually helps you. Instead of saying “this isn’t hard, it’s only 30 days” and essentially shaming myself and feeling defeated or weak when I feel that way, I’m personally adopting the mindset of “this might be hard but you know what? I can do hard things. I’ve done hard things before. I will probably do things harder than this in the future. This may be hard but I can make it through one day of hard.” (repeat 30 times lol) 

Matt also leaves in the middle of the month for a training exercise and I find it so much easier to eat healthy when he’s not around (and don’t go out to eat as often) so I decided September would be great to do the 30 days and I’ll finish my re-introduction right as he comes back in mid- October. 

So with all that being said, I am dairy, alcohol, grain, legume, and sugar free for the month of September! 

Also – if you have any Whole 30 tips or recipes, feel free to post them in the comments below, I’ll take all the help I can get! 

Morning Routine 

There was a period during the shelter in place orders where I was getting up early and I really enjoyed the extra time to myself before work to either read, write, meditate, or work out. The last few weeks, I’ve slipped into a pattern of working or going to bed late and not getting up as early as I would like. 

I’m making it a goal in September to get back to my morning practice of waking up by 7am. This allows me the time to read (The Daily Stoic & The Book Of Awakening), meditate, workout, and get my day started in a calm and peaceful manner. 

Consistent Workout Schedule 

If you read my At Home Spinning Studio blog post, you know that I’m partially allergic to working out. I really do think though, I’ve finally found a good balance of activities that I like doing using my Peloton app so for September, I’m going to make a habit to workout at least three times a week. With Matt gone for a training exercise the second half of the month and no alcohol in my September plans, I now have no excuses and no shortage of time so bring on the workouts! 

Closing My Apple Rings Every Day 

Tying into the workouts and healthy vibes we’ve got going on this month, I’m also making it a goal to close all three rings on my Apple watch every day. As someone who wears their watch 24/7, it’s not a given that I close all of my rings. Since I’ve been working from home recently, that pesky stand goal is always out to get me. I’m not walking back and forth between offices and my venues so I look up at the clock and all of a sudden realize I’ve been sitting for four hours straight. On days that I’m not doing a full workout, I’ll be focusing on getting in my steps and enough physical activity to close my green ring. 

Personal & Professional Development 

I’m making the commitment in September to spend at least seven hours a week learning. Sometimes this will be using online courses I’ve purchased or free certification classes, other times it’s watching Youtube videos or reading. 

I have a few different things in mind but some of my big goals include continuing my Facebook Blueprint & Google Analytics certifications and finishing my RankMath tutorial series. I’ve also begun a coding course at Codeacademy to brush up on forgotten skills and improve my overall coding foundation. 

Learning on my own also allows me to explore specific aspects of my job that I find interesting or allows me to develop my skills in an area where I’d like more responsibility. Digital marketing is such a fast paced industry full of constant updates that I want to make sure I’m always keeping my professional skills polished and current. 

I’ve honestly always found importance in continued education and after going to my bosses and putting together a proposal my employer, RMD Group, paid for me to attend a Digital Marketing Certification program at The University of San Diego a couple years ago. Every year, I put together an email of upcoming conferences or workshops that I want to attend along with their price, topics or sessions I’ll attend, and how I can use those skills to benefit the company & my department. Every time I’ve asked, I’ve been approved and it’s one of the reasons I love working for RMD. It’s easy for an organization to show they really do care about employee growth and development when they put it into action (and the budget). 

Due to cancellations of large seminars and events this year, many programs are shifting to online learning platforms which can oftentimes mean the ticket sales are cheaper, you don’t have to worry about any travel related expenses, and scheduling is more flexible either self-paced or replays of sessions are available. I’d strongly encourage you to look online on LinkedIn, in your networking groups, or even just do a Google search to see if there are any opportunities for online learning that you’ll take advantage of this year. 

If you’re eyeing a program or want to continue to learn new skills, definitely ask your boss or HR what benefits your company has in regards to continued education. You might be surprised, the worst is they don’t have something set up and then you can pitch exactly what you want and why it’ll benefit them too!

There are my five main personal goals for September. I’d love to hear what you’re planning to accomplish this month! 


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