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My September 2020 Income Report

Some links may be affiliate links. I may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these at no additional cost to you. 

If you’ve been following along you know this summer I combined my income & traffic reports into one post since I took a little break from blogging and they weren’t all that exciting. Now that I’m back into the swing of things, I’m splitting them back up again. This post will cover all things blogging income related.

If you’re interested in reading my September traffic report, you can do so here!


Total Income Earned $11.04

Affiliate Sales 

Amazon – $11.04

For the month of September, I received 19 clicks and had three products ordered for a 15.79% conversion rate. I wrote a blog post about how to Create Your Own At Home Spin Studio, which included affiliate links to the Amazon bike, workout mat, and light I bought and someone decided to get the same bike as me!

SiteGround – $0

I made one affiliate sale in August through SiteGround that’s currently still pending so I won’t include this in this month’s income. For each referral I send using my unique links, SiteGround pays me $50. When this conversion is confirmed and deposited into my account, I’ll include it in that month’s specific income report.  

Creative Market – $0

I found the perfect theme for my blog on Creative Market. I’m a big fan of their online marketplace and was just recently accepted into their affiliate program as well. Creative Market allows affiliates to earn 15% of new customer orders. I made some affiliate sales through Creative Market earlier this year but didn’t tie them into any September posts or promote any of my links.

Services & Products 

Don’t forget if you’re looking for marketing or blogging help, I now sell my services right here through my online shop! I accepted a blogging project last month but didn’t do any service or product based sales this month.

Stay tuned next month as I have some fun things planned to kick off the holiday season! I spent some time this month really thinking about my goals for the blog and what growth I’d like to see for the rest of the year.

Collaborations/Brand Partnerships 

Besides affiliate income, many bloggers often monetize by working with brands for collaborations and campaigns. I didn’t have any paid collaborations to report for September.


Total Expenses $51.95

Canva Pro – $12.95

Canva is the tool I use to make all my blog headers and pins for Pinterest. I’m a huge Canva fan and have been using them for multiple design projects over the past few years. I wasn’t accepted into their affiliate program (I didn’t meet the traffic requirements) but if you haven’t used Canva yet, this referral link will get us both a Canva credit!

Iconosquare – $39 

I used Iconosquare at my full time job before launching my blog and wouldn’t be able to do my job on social media without it! It’s by far the most affordable and robust social media scheduling & analytic reporting tool out there. Iconosquare easily shows your growth, lets you analyze what content is performing best, and allows you to schedule automatic posts all from an easy to use dashboard. I can’t wait to deep dive into some Iconosquare tutorials with you all soon! 

I’m going to keep publishing these income reports monthly not only to hold myself accountable but to document the growth of my blog and hopefully inspire you to take action if monetizing is something you want to do!
Earning money from your blog isn’t something that happens immediately (for most of us) so don’t give up or stop blogging. Learn more, advance your skills, connect with other bloggers and see what happens! 


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