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My September 2020 Traffic Report

Some links may be affiliate links. I may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these at no additional cost to you. 

I started blogging again in August (check out my income & traffic report here) but spent most of my time setting goals and working on the backend on my blog so that I was set up for success in September. Like I’ve said in previous month recaps, I’m committed to posting my income & traffic reports monthly so that hopefully they can help other bloggers who are just beginning their journey. Let’s jump into September, shall we?

Blog Posts I Published In September

Google Analytics 

My September snapshot metrics: 

  • 479 users (up from 227)
  • 589 sessions (up from 272)
  • 870 page views (up from 368)
  • 2:03 average time on page (up from 1:45)
  • 2.89% bounce rate (higher than August’s 2.57%)
  • 13.6% returning users (August was 12.2%)

In July I had 5 visits from Organic Search traffic but none in August. This month, I had 5 organic search visits again. My September Top Channels snapshot is below:

My Favorite Deployment Quotes is still my most popular post followed by Fifty Open When Deployment Letter Ideas. My Know Your Worth – Salary Tools post came in at #3 this month followed by the same #4 as in August, 30 Things To Do During The First 30 Days of Deployment. The rest of my top ten list were all from new posts like The Best Whole30 Sauces From Thrive Market, My August Amazon Purchases, and Book Your Free Session With Shoott.


Apparently over the past month there was a big Pinterest algorithm update and bloggers & marketers are going wild complaining of declining metrics and reach. I took a few months off from consistently posting on Pinterest and while I wouldn’t say September was consistent, I did create more pins & posted more often and my stats show it.

My Overall Pinterest Traffic Numbers for September

  • 80,895 impressions (up from 28,225)
  • 70.43k total audience (up from 17.39k)
  • 1.82k engagements (up from 1.17k)
  • 1.28k engaged audience (up from 738)

My Specific Chit Chat With Katie Content Metrics

  • 78,990 impressions (up from 25,494)  
  • 68.86k total audience (up from 15.22k)
  • 1.76k engagements (up from 1.03k)
  • 1.24k engaged audience (up from 635)

Pins With The Most Impressions

With the exception of one pin, all my pins that got the most impressions in the month of September were from two of my deployment posts – My Favorite Deployment Quotes and 15 Bible Verses For Deployment. This content performs well on Pinterest and the pins I’ve created focused around the quote and my keywords works.

Pins With The Most SAves

Again, my deployment content works well on Pinterest but I was surprised to see the second most saved pin this month was about Whole30 Sauces From Thrive Market. Thinking about it though, it makes sense. Pinterest is known for recipes and there’s a big push for Whole30 in September. This is something I could think of in the future to possible do mocktail recipes during Dry January or more Whole30 recipes during January and September next year to see how they perform on Pinterest.

Pins With The Most Clicks

I’ve said it in other Pinterest posts but you have to know what metrics to pay attention to. Impressions are great and can help you figure out what your audience is into but more importantly for your blog, you want to make sure you’re analyzing what pins are getting the most clicks. I haven’t really branched out a lot in my pin design yet so I don’t test if black font or white font is more appealing but instead, focus on the pin description and blog post it links to. My pins that are getting the most clicks to my blog are mostly deployment content (at least the top 3) but it was nice to see some of my newer posts join the top list this month.


I use Iconosquare to manage my Instagram & Facebook pages, not only for my blog but for my full time marketing role as well. It’s such a great tool for scheduling, analyzing data, competitor research, the list goes on and on. Here’s a snapshot of my September Instagram metrics.

  • 5 posts
  • 377 Instagram followers (+80)
  • 496 likes (up from 58)
  • 95 comments (up from 17)
  • 2,136 impressions (up from 535)
  • A reach of 1,387 (up from 335)
  • An engagement rate of 39.57% (up from 28.36%)

Facebook Page 

Here are my September Facebook analytics:

  • 17 page likes (+5) 
  • 184 impressions (up from 65)
  • A reach of 52 (up from 14)
  • 70 engagements (up from 3)
  • A reach rate of 305.88% (up from 116.67%)
  • A fan engagement rate of 411.76%
  • And a regular engagement rate of 134.62%

And with that, September’s income & traffic reports are complete! While not the wildest most massive growth month it was nice to get back into the swing of things and get back to blogging on a consistent schedule.

And as always, if I can help you with your blogging journey, you have any questions, or you want to see something broken apart into more detail, leave me a comment below!


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