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You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks…

… or that’s what they say at least but I’m happy to report that after completing Petsmart’s Beginner Education dog training class, Jax definitely knows some new tricks! (If you count sit & stay as tricks haha)

The six week class was $119 and was made up of Jax and two other dogs. Our trainer, Stephanie, was so patient and knowledgeable and really spent time the first week getting to know our dogs, their issues, and what we wanted to achieve from the classwork. We were given folders that had the training outlines, helpful tips for homework at home, and some really valuable coupons for a variety of Petsmart services & goods. We also received free clickers which we would use throughout the training.

The training process followed the same outline each week. We would review our “homework” or skills that we should have learned from the week before (I say should because we didn’t always learn the command in a week but we still practiced) and then watched the trainer perform the new exercise for the week before practicing in the ring and then eventually practicing out in Petsmart with distractions.

Skills We Reviewed:

• Watch Me
• Sit
• Look
• Say Hello
• Loose Leash Walking
• Drop It
• Leave It
• Down
• Handling/Petting
• Look/Look Away
• Stay

Jax also goes to Banfield (his vet) at the same Petsmart location as our training so it took a few weeks to get him used to coming to training and not think he was going to the vet. He all out throws on the breaks and locks his legs in the parking lot, trying as hard as he can to run back to the car.. #sofun. but by the last class he gladly pranced into the store and heading directly to the training.

I would definitely recommend the Petsmart training program to anyone who is looking for some training to establish a strong foundation with their dog. Jax is eight years old and definitely already knew how to sit but struggles with listening to commands with distractions around. This class was easy to follow and execute at home and Jax has now graduated with advanced concentration skills & major progress in other commands he never knew six weeks ago. We’re actually going to sign up for the intermediate class which begins in a few weeks to continue his training.

If you’re interested in training your dog further, reach out to your local Petsmart or a dog trainer and make sure they’re a good fit for you and your pup. I loved that our program was reward & positive enforcement principal based vs using prong collars or aggressive corrective behaviors. I also liked the small class size so that Stephanie got time to work with each dog individually really modeling what the behavior and commands should look like which made practicing at home very easy.

I’ve also incorporated these products into our training routine at home:

Training The Perfect Dog Ever: A 5 Week Program Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement by Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewica & Larry Kay

Dog Clicker
Buy more than one, this set comes with two for $5! I leave one on the leash for walks and one in the house for training at home

Training Treat Belt
I know, I know.. not the most fashionable but it’s the only way I can take treats on walks and around the house training without shoving them in my pocket and then smelling like dog treats all day.

Jax’s Favorite Training Treats
Jax goes crazy for these and they’re small enough that you can break into even littler pieces so he doesn’t get full or sick from training. I also love that they’re grain free, have limited ingredients, and are all natural with no artificial preservatives or flavors.

Would you like to learn more about the training process and the steps that I’ve taken to teach Jax new skills? Let me know in the comments below and I can always post a step-by-step instructional blog post!

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