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Spring Clean Your Beauty Products!

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I’ve seen a ton of spring cleaning/organization guides & tips for how to start a skincare routine with your extra time during this social isolation/quarantine time so today’s blog post was inspired by combining the two. I present to you, how to spring clean your beauty products! 

Past Their Prime, Check Expiration Dates 

Yes, beauty products have expiration dates. When you use products that are past their time, you’re putting yourself at risk of break-outs, bacterials infections, and products that are as efficient as they used to be at their peak! Start your spring cleaning by throwing out any expired products – please! 

Wash Your Brushes. No Seriously, Wash Your Brushes

You may be taking a break from makeup now that you’re #boredinthehouse, but normally we’re using our makeup brushes daily which makes them a prime breeding ground for bacteria. 

You’re supposed to clean your makeup brushes weekly. Yes, I said weekly. When was the last time you cleaned your brushes?... Don’t answer that. Most of us are not cleaning our makeup brushes nearly as often as we should. I recommend using this spring cleaning time to set a routine. Throw on a face mask and spend 10 minutes cleaning your brushes one night a week. My sister got me the makeup brush cleaner (pictured below) from Amazon that’s SO easy to use and makes brush cleaning a breeze! It also dries them too, is super affordable, only takes 30 seconds per brush, and comes with all the different attachments you’d ever need to fit brushes of all sizes. #winwinwinwin
MakeUp Brush Cleaner on AmazonPIN IT

Don’t Skimp On The SPF

Since you’ve already cleaned out all expired products, now is also a great time to make sure you have fresh, non-pore clogging sunscreen for the spring season. I personally use Face Reality’s SPF28 and love everything from the entire Face Reality line (full lineup blog post coming soon). I mix the SPF with my Cran-Peptide moisturizer daily. Yep. Every. Single. Day. Even during this time of staying home, I’ve found myself taking my dog Jax for longer mid-day walks or choosing to practice yoga on my deck so it’s nice to know I already have my facial sun protection on! No eating out, non-essential trips, premature wrinkles, or sun damage over here! 

Moisturize (Morning & Night)

When the weather gets warmer I like to take a look at my daily skincare products and make a couple swaps. Some of my winter staples sit the spring and summer seasons out as they’re just too heavy for my skin during those seasons. I gravitate towards lighter, even gel-based moisturizers during this time. I do love my FaceReality Cran-Peptide moisturizer but also love their gel based Hydrabalance and will start to incorporate that into my routine soon. (It also works as a great makeup primer!) I also swap out my heavy masks for hydrating sheet masks perfect for thirsty summer skin. 

Are You Really Going To Use That? 

I feel like I speak for most people when I say this time has really forced use to take into consideration what counts and what’s important. I know so many people that are not just uncluttering their spaces and homes but also their mindsets and vision. While we’re making space for what we really want in life, it’s also the perfect time to let go of what’s no longer serving us. 

Now you might feel personally attacked here but I promise you I’m in the same boat! I had the best of intentions hoarding all those hotel soaps and shampoos but the truth is I’m just never going to use them. I’ve even tried throwing them in my gym bag but my gym provides shampoo, body wash, etc (once we’re allowed to go back to the gym) so it’s just more convenient for me to not dig around and find my freebie trial size of a new hair serum. You know what else is convenient? Going to look for something and immediately finding it without sifting through a bunch of clutter. 

I got this cute clear acrylic holder for my lipsticks & glosses, this one for my palettes and powders, and this lazy susan to sort & organize my beauty products and it’s really been a game changer in finding exactly what I need to and making sure I’m seeing (& using) all the products I love! 


*Disclaimer (lol) – I am totally in support of taking a product or trial of something you’re interested in and plan on using or testing before purchasing. If you’ve had that Sephora sample sitting on your counter for more than a month though, it’s time to say goodbye. 

There you have it, five quick ways you can do a little spring cleaning in the beauty department! What other spring cleaning tips or tricks do you have? Share them in the comments below, I’d love to hear them! 

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