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The Habit Tracker 3000

Is there any better feeling that being able to set some goals & easily track your progress?
I certainly don’t think so!
I was looking for a way to keep visual tabs on my progress so drumroll please…… <cue drumroll>

I’m pleased to announce The Habit Tracker 3000!

but seriously.. It’s not rocket science. We’re more likely to achieve our goals when they’re written down and when we revisit them frequently.

While Matt was getting ready for deployment, we talked a lot about what our personal goals were and how we were going to improve ourselves during the time apart. I knew that in order to be successful, I would need to write out my goals and track my progress but I also knew that I’d want to celebrate my successes or get some extra motivation from my biggest cheerleader (Matt). I kept wondering how could I easily share this information without including in every letter & email – went to the gym today, closed the rings on my watch, drank enough water… that’s when I realized that I could create the perfect tool in Google Drive!

The Habit Tracker 3000 is awesome for a couple of main reasons:

  1. It has a kick-ass name. I immediately smile every time every time I open up the spreadsheet.
  2. It’s easy to use and can be adapted to track a variety of different goals.
    Column A is formatted for dates so go ahead and put your starting date in A2 and then go from there.
    Column B is formatted for regular numbers & is perfect for tracking weight.
    Column C is formatted for percentages, perfect for tracking parts of a goal completed or in my case, body fat percentage.
    Columns D – I are all set up with conditional formatting. If you put a Yes or Y in the square it fills it in green. If you put a N or No in the square, it fills it in red. This makes it super easy to quickly look at your progress and see a visual representation for how your doing with your goals.
    You can track water intake, meal decisions, how you handled your emotions, the possibilities are endless!
  3. The Habit Tracker is completely customizable. The great thing about Google Drive is once you access the link, you can select “File”, “Make A Copy”, and then you’ll have your own worksheet. You can add or delete columns or fill in the goals you’d like to specifically track.—
  4. You can share with collaborators who can also see your progress. In the upper righthand corner, select “Share”, and then you can either type in the email address of your accountability partner or you can directly email out the link and others can access your worksheet that way. If you just want to share your progress, select “Anyone with the link can view“. If you’re emailing them directly but don’t want them to be able to edit your document, make sure once you type in their email address, you select the pencil icon (can edit) and change it to the eye icon for can view. By sharing the worksheet with Matt’s email address, he can now log in and check out my goal progress and then just put a quick little line telling me to keep up the good work in our next email vs asking me if I’m making healthy food decisions and waiting for my response.
  5. You can also use The Habit Tracker to track your progress with a friend – If you want to track side-by-side with your workout buddy, feel free to copy and paste the tracking grid onto your worksheet, then go into the “Share” pop-up once more and type in your partner’s email address and then select the pencil icon for can edit. This will allow multiple people to keep track of their goals all on one worksheet.

I’d love to hear how you plan on using The Habit Tracker 3000 so definitely leave a comment below & let’s chat. I’ll be here rooting for you and cheering you on!


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