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Work From Home Music

If you’re like most of the world right now, you’re working from home so today I wanted to share the playlists that I’m listening to daily while working! I know some people listen to podcasts while working but frankly, I can’t pay attention to what I’m doing if I’m trying to listen along to a podcast (or a TV show) so music is my go to for setting up a productive work environment. 

These suggestions span across Apple music, Spotify, and Pandora so let me know if you have a station or playlist you’re loving and I’ll gladly add it to the list! 

Pandora Work From Home Music Stations 

New Chill 

This station is a new favorite of mine and is currently playing 75% of the time I’m working on my computer. It’s the perfect mix of songs (or remixes) I’ve never heard before with an occasional song I know. There are lyrics to most of the songs but they’re not overly distracting and instead tend to lean towards rhythmic instrumental beats. Artists featured include Rufus du Sol, Nikko Culture, and Izzamussiz.

Chill House 

This work from home music station inspired my New Chill radio mentioned above. I actually started listening to this back when I was working in a shared office with a few other coworkers. It’s great background music and the songs are a little more mainstream and upbeat than the New Chill station. I recognize most of the songs on this playlist and like to listen to this station when I’m editing photos, answering emails, or browsing the web. Artists on Chill House include Zhu, Alok, Sam Feldt, Lost Frequencies, and Robin Schulz. 

Apple Music Work From Home Music Playlist

Little Fires Everywhere Playlist 

My roommate and I have been waiting each week for the new episode of Little Fires Everywhere to come out on Hulu and each week, I’m so impressed with the music. You’ll definitely recognize most of the songs but expect to hear soulful, sultry, and moody renditions performed by strong female voices. I love this playlist when having a glass of wine or writing late at night. Don’t skip Ruelle’s “Madness” or “One Sided Love” by blackbear. You’ll also find Billie Eilish, Halsey, and Bazzi on this playlist. 

Spotify Work From Home Music Playlists 

Huntress Late Night Mix 

This playlist was actually created for one of my restaurant venues, Huntress. Since we’re not open yet, we created this playlist to share a little sneak peek of our vibe with our guests and ever since I shared it on social, I find myself going back to listen frequently. I wasn’t familiar with most of these songs originally so it was nice to explore and discover some new artists. There are also some really cool remixes included in this playlist. Spotify will also recommend songs if you wanted to continue to tweak your own playlists based on our original selections. I normally listen to this as my work from home music when I’m writing new blog posts or scheduling out my content for the week. Featured artists include QUIN, Shura, Jade Bird, Mabel, and Lykke Li.

Lumi Late Night Mix 

Same thing as Huntress, this playlist was made for another one of my restaurant venues opening later this year, Lumi. A rooftop restaurant & lounge located in downtown San Diego, this high energy venue will be the spot to grab cocktails in the gorgeous San Diego weather (if we’re ever allowed out again) and this playlist sets the perfect mood. A little more mainstream than the Huntress mix, you’ll probably recognize songs on this playlist but the remixes we’ve selected are interesting and hopefully provide you with some new music to enjoy! Artists included range from Lana Del Ray to Billie Eilish, Sia, Duke Dumont, ZHU, Tycho, and Campsite Dream. 

Take a listen and let me know which is your favorite! If you’ve been perfecting your perfect work from home music too, be sure to leave a link below in the comments; I’d love to check it out! 


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